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Going   Kitty   Holywell Eastbourne  water colour A4

Creating landscape art & so much more...


After creating landscape art for so long, you would think that the passion would dwindle. However, that's absolutely not the case for myself. My passion to create landscape art and so much more is as strong as ever. I love bringing the world to my canvas, immortalising the unique landscape through vibrant colours and techniques. 

 I always aim to capture the essence of a place, rather than merely replicating it. That one landscape will always be unique and to capture it through my art is a wonderful thing to do. Everything from a forest to a river to the sky, it's such a beautiful world and I aim to represent that in my landscape art. 

I don't just create landscape art however, I also really enjoy capturing the joy of people. Whether, they are included in my landscape art or through portraits. 

Take a look at my galleries of work and take a step into the landscapes themselves. 

© 2020 Pennie Cunliffe - Lister

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